Verklärte Nacht (2011)

What happens when the musicians interact with the dancers? Will music and dance be perceived as equal? This performance explores the balance between these two art forms. Arnold Schönberg´s Verklärte Nacht together with music by J.S. Bach and Rolf Wallin is the musical foundation. Bjørnsgaard weaves her dancers in and out of the musical movements[…]

Ext. Trapp. Kveld. (2010)

Octoberdance 2010 An outdoor performance in Bergen 2010. Dancers: Mattis Herman Nyquist & Ida Wigdel. Choreographer: Ingun Bjørnsgaard Produced by: Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt

Sjøen/The Sea (2010)

Premiere September 30th 2010 Dansens Hus Norway Choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard has loosely based her work Sjøen (The Sea) on Henrik Ibsen’s world famous Fruen fra havet (The Lady from the Sea (1888)). Ibsen’s text revolves around the theme of one of the first “modern“ women – a woman who in the crossfire between conventions and[…]

Poppea (2009)

Poppea is one of the strongest female characters of Antiquity: she who has fought her way up through the hierarchy to becoming the emperor’s wife. The woman’s power play is vulnerable and exposed in another manner than is the man’s. And what tension arises when the male appropriates the female, and femininity dons the mask[…]

I det förflutna (Bygones) (2006)

The choreographer invites her audience into what is bygone, the flowing river of the past. The music of the lyre lures memories, neglected feelings and naked frailty to the fore. The dancers seek within themselves and give form to the flow. Interrupted movement creates shifts into new situations. What is bygone is brought back and[…]

Four Pieces including Sjoa and Skjåk (2004)

World premiere at the TanzBremen dance festival 6 March 2004 Norwegian premiere at the New Norwegian Theatre, Oslo, 16 March 2004 A fresh look at the relationship between the sublime and the ordinary. The ballet surprises by evoking unusual associations and rapid changes of mood, rhythm and choreographic language. Three male and two female dancers[…]

Book of Songs (2002)

“A man tries to convince a woman that they met last year at Marienbad and that she promised him then that she would leave her husband and run away with him. However, she doesn’t seem to recall anything about either him or the promise and tells him that it must have been someone else. At[…]

Capricorn Domestic (2002)

Premiered October 3, 2002 at Nationaltheatret (Amfiscenen) during the CODAcontemporary dance festival in Oslo. A beautiful castle made of cardboard is the setting for this ballet. Choreographer Ingun Bjørnsgaard and dancers Sigrid Edvardsson and Christopher Arouni investigate different possibilities of the duet and create movements devoid of organic exits. In the dance they achieve a[…]

The Afternoon and The Others (2000)

”The Faun – and its many successors – as realized by Stephen Mallarmé, is a creature that lives the sunny day to its fullest, and yet each evening seems to experience a sorrowful sense of wanting further, pain-filled pleasure. In melancholy, we come to the point where the wanting occurs almost simultaneously with the evolvement[…]

Pli à pli (1998)

”pli à pli is Ingun Bjørnsgaard’s third journey into the periphery of the Western mind. Through poignant images and dramatic subtlety Ingun Bjørnsgaard depicts our minor defects, shortcomings and embarrassments. The Flux Position of an Insulted Eye (1996) explored the point of view of a third excluded party; The Solitary Shame Announced by a Piano[…]