The Afternoon and The Others (2000)

The afternoon and the others

”The Faun – and its many successors – as realized by Stephen Mallarmé, is a creature that lives the sunny day to its fullest, and yet each evening seems to experience a sorrowful sense of wanting further, pain-filled pleasure.

In melancholy, we come to the point where the wanting occurs almost simultaneously with the evolvement of life itself. Even the rawest life force and most precious sensuality are connected with the secret wounds of the heart. Beauty contains the knowledge of beauty’s end. We live with a constant farewell. In this transition between outer loss and inner realization stands the dancer.

Within the reality of the choreography, muscle-rippling vitality and emotional meditation are synchronized as closely as possible. Trembling with life we stand there, in the heart of the sun, as the afternoon turns into evening.”
– Håkon Sandell

Choreographer: Ingun Bjørnsgaard
Dancers: Sigrid Edvardsson / Siri Jøntvedt, Niklas Gundersen, Teet Kask / Christopher Arouni, Halldis Olavsdottír, Torunn Robstad
Composer: Henrik Hellstenius
Stage design/Costume: Olav Myrtvedt
Sound design: Morten Pettersen
Light design: Jean Vincent Kerebel

2000 Copenhagen, Denmark at the PRIMO Festival
Pusterviksteatern, Gothenburg, Sverige
Ultima, Black Box Teater Oslo
BIT Teatergarasjen/Oktoberdans, Bergen
Avantgarden, Trondheim
2001 Kampnagel, Hamburg, Tyskland
New Baltic Dance, Vilnius, Latvia
the International Baltic Ballet Festival Riga, Latvia
Estonian Drama Theatre, Tallin, Estland
Den Norske Opera, Oslo,
Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam, Tyskland
2002 Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sverige